Multimodal transportation

This is the delivery of goods, in the process of which several modes of transportation are used: sea, road, rail or air transportation in any of their combinations on the basis of a single end-to-end contract. In this case, at the customer's request, transportation of goods can be carried out to any point of the globe.
With multimodal transportation - we help you reduce shipping time and cost.


Personalized Approach

A personal manager works with each client, who informs about all stages of multimodal transportation, the exact location of the cargo and the date of its receipt

Reducing costs through stable service and large-scale resource base

You don't have to visit several offices, communicate with different managers and fill in a large number of documents. Thanks to the fact that you place your order in one company, you save time and effort, and all questions are solved as quickly and rationally as possible

Established relationships with partners around the world

Our company has a well-developed agent network, thus ensuring the most rational approach to logistics chains

One logistics company all the way and full service

We provide full support of multimodal container transportation: transportation in the country of the sender and storage of goods in the warehouse, consolidation of cargo, export documentation, customs formalities, online monitoring of delivery, delivery to the final destination

Safety and security of cargo

We bear full legal responsibility for each container shipment. Compulsory insurance of your cargo - the safety of the entrusted property is monitored by one company, which bears full material responsibility for it. You do not risk anything, trusting the fulfillment of the order, if something happens to the goods- you get compensation

Delivery process

Multimodal transportation with TIS LOGISTIC:

Availability of an extensive resource base -

which allows for the implementation and improvement of services that make multimodal freight transportation efficient and less costly.

Experts in their field -

who will always help you find the best solution for the speed, cost and reliability of your shipment's transportation.

Caring for our customers' interests is our main goal!

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