Foreign economic activity

We transport oversize, heavy and long goods worldwide by any mode of transportation.

Foreign trade activities with TIS LOGISTIC include a full range of services:

Counseling clients on how to circumvent sanctions restrictions.
Calculation of customs duties and taxes payable to customs.
Complete pre-clearance for customs clearance.
Preparation and submission of customs declarations and control of customs clearance.
Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity code matching.
Supporting customs procedures and representing clients before customs authorities.
Help with foreign trade contracts.
Support of court disputes with customs authorities in civil and administrative cases.
Providing a service "International trading house".

The International Trading House service includes:

Providing the opportunity to lend on favorable terms without unnecessary documents for regular customers

Acquisition of goods in any international market, including parallel imports*

Full customs clearance in both the sending and receiving countries

Bypassing international sanctions

*Parallel importation is the importation of foreign goods without the authorization of the trademark owner, that is, "parallel" to the official importation of such goods through dealers authorized by the trademark owner.

** Accepting requests for cargo weighing from 500 kilograms.

As a result of working with us, you get:

Buying goods

Building a safe, fast and profitable supply chain from anywhere in the world.

Make a customs clearance

Shipping goods to your warehouse

Payment of all stages at the end of the transaction

Other services