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The main activity of the company - international (multimodal) cargo transportation from any country in the world to any city in Russia "turnkey", including procurement of goods from suppliers, complex logistics to your warehouse, customs clearance, certification services and professional warehousing services.

About the company

The company started its operations in 2006. Having passed a long way of development, TIS LOGISTICs has a unique experience and a wide partner network, thanks to which it provides clients with special logistics conditions, as well as expert assistance in sending complex and non-standard cargo.
TIS LOGISTICs is located in 8 cities of Russia, linked by a single information system, which provides an individual approach to each client, allowing optimal management of the supply chain of containerized cargoes of any volume and complexity.


Our mission is to provide the logistics process maximally convenient and efficient for our clients, providing comfortable conditions for the growth and development of their business, realizing complex cargo delivery anywhere in the world.

Customer-centricity -

customer-oriented, we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our services. Our goal is a satisfied customer who has received a quality service.

Professionalism -

our employees are professionals in their field, constantly improving and learning, every day becoming more competent and effective specialists in their field.

Honesty and openness in relationships -

respecting the rights, dignity and personal boundaries of employees and customers is the foundation of our teamwork!

We are open to new things -

constantly seeking, improving existing and introducing new automation tools and innovations to our operations, increasing our company's competitiveness in the marketplace.

Reputation and sociality -

Each of our employees, as a carrier of the company's values, helps to shape the company's image in the external environment. We build our reputation together!

Teamwork and personal responsibility -

We are a team and we have the same goal! We help each other, share knowledge and experience. We are focused on solving tasks with maximum dedication, we are honest and open with each other, and we realize the personal responsibility of each person for the result.

Principles of TIS LOGISTIC


our own container fleet makes transportation much cheaper and faster


this method is great if you need to combine dispatches


cargoes are not only on the deck of the ship but also in the hold, which ensures safety in cold weather

We offer the best terms to our customers, with no mistakes, punctures or delays. It's about premium service from a well-coordinated team of top-notch specialists. Although we are not a pioneer in the industry, we can be proud of the hundreds of projects we have successfully completed.

Vatutin Vitaly


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